Dropbox on a buying spree – Acquires Snapjoy

Dec 21, 12 Dropbox on a buying spree – Acquires Snapjoy

All is well in the Dropbox circle; with less than a week of Audiogalaxy acquisition, it has taken another giant step by acquiring Snapjoy. The move is a clear indicator to high expectations of Dropbox to boost up cloud music and focus on media photos respectively.

The latest acquisition opens up the possibility for users to enjoy aggregating and archiving digital photo content. Be it on apps, cameras, phones or on image hosting websites like Flickr, Picasa, Instagram, etc users can simply view them online or through the help of an iOS app.

Much of the deal terms weren’t revelead by both the parties however, Dropbox and Snapjoy have confirmed to the sources on the acquisition.

The move is a definite value adder to the Dropbox as this helps climbup the ladder by offering solutions beyond simple storage facilities. Early signs predict of Dropbox growing in to a full fledged digital photo center provider for its users. This is something beyond storage facility backup functioning.

Under the development radar come few more of the lead runners from the online space like Flickr, Instagram and Twitter. Flickr has major plans to extend beyond just sharing and storing, the key part of development will include creation of pictures. As for Twitter – the Social Media giant is preparing to join the race.

Existing Snapjoy users can continue to use the service, the new tieup will not affect them in anyway however, people who are looking for new signups may not be able do so. This is an outcome of the acquisition without any further notice.

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