Do Not Disturb – New Year Bug Strikes iOS 6

Jan 02, 13 Do Not Disturb – New Year Bug Strikes iOS 6

An unanticipated bug occurred in some of the Apple devices on the New Year’s day only to surprise and frustrate the users.

The minor glitch was reportedly encountered on smart-phones, tablets and media players that were running the latest iOS 6.

The Glitch

The “Do Not Disturb” feature that allows user to place all notifications on silent mode, continued to remain intact without shutting-down its actions under the scheduled time.

Users had to manually check the screen to see if there were any missed calls, text messages or other notifications. Apart from this functionality disorder everything else was just working fine.

The official bug fix update download has not yet been out from the manufacturer however, it is expected to arrive sooner. For the time being, the temporary solution to overcome the issue is by changing the time and date.

It is worthwhile to remember, in a similar situation on last new year’s day some of the Apple iPhone and iPod received a glitch on the alarm clock. Users at that time took twitter to complain, share and talk about the bug. The problem impacted only the devices that were running with iOS 4.2 at that time.

Seems like the tradition is still hanging around a bit!

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