Discounts, Freebies, Festive Season – Grabmore!

Oct 25, 12 Discounts, Freebies, Festive Season – Grabmore!

We are back with loads of discounts and freebies on some of your favorite products!

Here is the list of our festival season discounts,

Candles: 10% discount on candles to light up this Diwali in a exquisite way!

Cameras: Avail free SanDisk 8 GB Pen Drive for order value below ₹20,000 and SanDisk 16 GB Pen Drive for order value above ₹20,000

Watches: Exclusive watches from USA at 20% discounted price

Beauty Products: The 10% discount on beauty products applies to all international brands that are imported from the USA.

(Watches and Beauty Products are already going out at discounted prices; in addition to that, the newly available discount – codes will get you the same at lot more discounted prices on all international brands like never before!)

Tablets: 5% discount on the tablets

Jewelry: We might not repeat this; heres your chance to grab the 10% discount on jewelry

Home Needs:  Get one Vaccum food flask as freebie on selective purchase of home need products

The act of giving and receiving gifts during festive season marks the gesture of goodwill and solidarity nurturing family ties and social connections. Grab the opportunity to surprise your loved ones as we will send the ordered Diwali item gift wrapped.

This isn’t getting over here, lot more lined-up in the upcoming weeks…

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