Difference between e-reader and tablet

Dec 19, 12 Difference between e-reader and tablet

The world is filled with gadgets of all purpose; deciphering the one that best-fits your need can be a taunting task, if you aren’t sure of your requirements!

Similarly, not many of us understand the differences between e-readers and tablets, and end-up choosing the wrong one. A good understanding of the actions that the user would like to perform at large on their personal gadget determines the buy.


Few key points put down here should help…

Since both the devices can perform actions of an e-reader, most of us keep wondering either to buy a full fledged tablet computer or just settle down on e-readers. And ironically, some may wonder to why e-readers really exist. To put it in simple, the major difference is that tablets can do much more than e-readers.

High end tablets can record HD videos, capture important moments of your life, store and play music & movies and connect with internet offering the capability to perform all actions similar to normal computers. And this is one of the reason to why tablets are highly priced to e-readers. E-readers will best-suit for users who are voracious readers!

The battery life of a tablet is much short than the e-reader, it can last long for few hours (3- to 7 hours depending upon the device) however, in the case of e-readers they can run for a month without any charging. Recharging is a must on a regular basis for the tablets.

This is due to the different type of display screens present in the tablet and e-readers. Tablets use LCD screens and e-readers have the electronic ink screens.

One vital reason to why book lovers opt for e-readers is because of the portability comfort. Even though both are easy to carry around, e-readers occupy less place, weighing lot lesser than the tablets. So it is important to identify if you will be using it for multi-purpose or just for reading purpose only.

Some of the famous e-readers that are available in the market are Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, Kobo and to name some of the tablets, Microsoft Surface Tablet, ASUS VivoTab, HP Envy x2, etc…

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