Crystal Clear Sound from the BlueAnt Q3

Jan 21, 13 Crystal Clear Sound from the BlueAnt Q3

Welcome the BlueAnt Q3, which is the third iteration of the Q-series of Bluetooth headsets from BlueAnt. BlueAnt has offered these Q3 headsets at CES 2013. The Q3 has a curvy shell and sports features such as Siri support, Google Voice actions — using free down-loadable app — 7 hours talk and 100 hours standby time, wind noise protection up to 22mph, and wide-band audio.

The Q3 will be launched shortly after it has been at the CES and this is where it is similar to Q1 and Q2. WOW!! The Q3 headset is to be priced at $30 less at $99, unlike the other two predecessor headsets.

Sleek and functional, the Q3 comes with the latest Bluetooth technology and wideband audio producing rich, booming sound. It is designed ergonomically and has rocker back volume control. It is available in colors such as black and platinum.

If you own an iPhone, these headsets allow you to execute all services available via Siri such as composing text messages. If you are an Android phone owner, then BlueAnt provides you with a free downloadable application that reads back text messages. By double tapping, the user can make use of the Google Voice Actions. Now, this allows you to multi-task with hands-free operation of your smartphone or tablet.

“The Q3 leads the revolution in wideband audio and has the style to match any occasion,” said BlueAnt CEO Geoff Wanless. “In addition to updating the original Q2 features, we’ve incorporated some new functionality, including a brand new conference mode that allows up to four users to remain on a call simultaneously and three way calling. We also increased the talk time to up to seven hours.”

You may find yourself in a very noisy atmosphere – you can still obtain high-quality sound with all the noise and wind cut off by the Voice Isolation Technology present in the headset. There is also the patented Wind Armour Technology™ that allows you to have fine communication in wind speeds of up to 22 miles per hour. The dual microphones and advanced DSP deliver astounding audio just right to please you!

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