Buy Nokia Lumia 920 In India At Best Price!

Jan 10, 13 Buy Nokia Lumia 920 In India At Best Price!

Nokia’s new flagship model, the Lumia 920 has created ripples in the market soon after its launch in the USA. The new device poses a tougher competition for other makers in the segment with it’s latest hardware specs and features.

The first ever model to run with the Windows Phone 8 started selling out in the USA only to close down, with no stock board at all the outlets. The carrier AT&T refrained from giving out specific sales numbers.

This ensued a debate to whether the stock-outs were due to solid sales or short supply. “Both’ is the final verdict – from multi sources who monitor the mobile phone sales. In December last weekend, the phone went on sale in China, and most of the locations witnessed massive sales. No questions, the new model has given Nokia the most needed sales boost  for now!

The latest entrant is in head on head competition with Samsung Galaxy SIII and Apple iPhone 5. The wireless chargeup facility, appealing physical design and new features like Nokia pure view technology, Nokia city lens and Nokia maps addup to it’s larger success.

Nokia Lumia 920 Technical Specification;

OS: Windows Phone 8
Display: 4.5 inch pure motion; 1,280*768 pixels, 332 ppi
Camera: 8.7 MP, 1.2 MP front facing
Processor:  Dual core 1.5 Giga hertz, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4
Memory:  32 GB
Expandable: None
Battery: 2000 mAh, embedded
Weight: 185g

Nokia Lumia 920 is the light weight and so far thinnest model available in the market right now. It uses the same processor “Dual core 1.5 Giga hertz, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 ” that is present in the Samsung Galaxy S3. The innovative model shows the intension’s of the Finnish maker to reconquer the past glory and name., is taking orders for the Nokia Lumia 920 priced at RS 36,999. Since the stocks are limited and most of which are being sold out, rush to place the order online to buy Nokia Lumia 920 in India at best price ! is providing special discount on Nokia Lumia 920 with lowest price in India, You can avail RS 300 Coupon Code for Nokia Lumia 920 white and black from the website.

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