Blackberry A10, Blackberry Z5 and Blackberry Q5 coming soon

Jun 08, 13 Blackberry A10, Blackberry Z5 and Blackberry Q5 coming soon

The Canadian handset manufacturer is planning to roll out three new models in to the market namely,  Blackberry A10, Blackberry Z5 and Blackberry Q5 in the near future.

Expansion of BlackBerry 10 line up comes as a move to reclaim its past glory and prominence in the mobile market. Latest information also suggest that BlackBerry will be targeting corporates – a strategy from the past that helped to set a strong foot hold.

According to sources, the BlackBerry A10 successor to the BlackBerry Z10 will carry a similar price tag since it is the new Flagship device.

The Z10 and Q10 of BlackBerry recorded moderate success in-terms of sales in the global market. In reality, BlackBerry had big expectations over both the models however, the fact is. it is yet to be met.

BlackBerry Q10 model released with physical QWERTY keypad was able to bring back some of the traditional customers and win few new users.

Initially, Blackberry Z10 was expected to take on Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z and HTC One however, the competition never really happened as the Z10 fell short of next-gen smartphone qualities.

Something that BlackBerry missed out terribly is the  mid segment and tier 3 devices that can bring low-end models – seeking customers.

Filling the gap Blackberry Z5 and Blackberry Q5 are the budget models that will follow the A10  launch. The month of November is when the devices are expected to be launched. Until then we would need to wait to know about the specifications and pricing.

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