Binatone launches Android tablet PC App Star For Rs. 9,999

Oct 15, 13 Binatone launches Android tablet PC App Star For Rs. 9,999

All the fuming and fretting of little ones can come to an end now as, Binatone has launched an Android tablet PC App Star For Rs. 9,999 which is specific for kids above four years of age.

At present, the tablet is predominantly launched in the UK and European markets. It is going out with preloaded apps such as fun games, educational apps, art studios, e-books, audio-books, music player and camera with video recorder.

The tablet PC App Star sports a large 7-inch capacitative touch screen and comes with special cover  that can withstand accidental drops from three feet.

It is powered by a 1GHz processor paired to 512MB of RAM. The storage space on the device is of 4GB and support through microSD slot is possible.

For connectivity the device has 3G, the whopping battery provides full back up for solid 4 long hours. Robust gaming actions can force frequent recharge of the device.

As for the tablet functions, it has two modes – ‘APP STAR’ mode for kids and ‘parent’ mode. According to the manufacturer the two modes can easily be switched through the parental control.

Moving forward, the device will see Fun Karaoke, Speaker dock, Racing Car, Helicopter and accessory pack during the X-mas time.

The tablet PC App Star has secured password protected parental control built-in to the software to ensure time control and fire-walled Internet browsing for kids.

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