Apple iWatch – Rumour or Truth?

Dec 28, 12 Apple iWatch – Rumour or Truth?

Rumors are not news; but they sometimes foreshadow news !

Going by the saying, leakages of an iWatch roll out seems evident in the coming new year 2013 however, Apple sources haven’t confirmed it officially yet !

According to a Chinese website Tech.163 the Chipmaker intel is teamed-up with Apple in developing a smart watch that is ready to go on sale in first half of the coming year. The hot information leakage seems to have happened at the supply resources end.

Apple is a leader in multi domains with it’s fast moving products like iPhone, iPad and Macintosh computers. No surprises intended, the iPod Nano is already getting converted in to a wrist-worn watch by many private enterprises. Some sources expect this to be a contender against the iWatch.

Much of the iWatch specifications aren’t out yet, but it is believed to communicate with other Apple devices through low power Bluetooth 4.0 and this includes the iPhone as well which is the fastest moving product. The smart-watch is expected to sport a 1.5inch screen with touch feature capability. It is expected to feature ITO-coated glass as well.

As for the Operating System of the iWatch it is believed to come packed with the Apple iOS, a standard OS for all Apple products.

On the competition note; it would be perfect for Apple to launch the iWatch into the market when Google is preparing to roll out its ‘Google Glass’. The Google Glass is also coming in to the market next year, the device is a head set with screen.

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