Apple iPhone 6 Rumours Surface – Images Leak Online!

Aug 27, 14 Apple iPhone 6 Rumours Surface – Images Leak Online!

Apple iPhone 6 rumours have started to surface this season suggesting a solid September 9th launch!

Recently leaked images of the smartphone showcase same date as Tuesday, September 9 on the front of the device’s quick start manual (this is always placed inside of phone’s packaging).

Notably, the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S also made it to the market by Tuesday Sept 10th last year.  The Cupertino manufacturer usually outs its latest iPhone in the month of September which is its usual trend that fuels speculation to be right. – a prominent French website that had been sharing such precise info from the past posted picture purporting to be a genuine. Technically, it’s just 13 days that we are far from the launch and sooner we will get to see how accurate the devices are.

Going by the image, there is a slight design variance compared to the current model.

Volume buttons on the left and Power on/off button in the right seems to be updated.   Lightning connector appears to be centered below the home button.

The smartphone is expected to be rather sleek than the current top model. Rumours also suggest a bezel less display.

Even though manufacturer’s generally showcase release date of its devices on promotional pictures MacRumors believes this references the iOS 7 launch on June 10th.

Whatever be it; September 9th is still the best date to expect the new Apple iPhone 6. It is said that two screen sizes 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch are ready for rock and roll.

The reversible Lightning cable that lets the USB to be plugged in from either ends is yet another new feature that is rumoured. It is expected to bring flexibility and a new design trend.

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