Apple iPAD Mini Found Lagging Behind Rival Mini Tablets

Nov 09, 12 Apple iPAD Mini Found Lagging Behind Rival Mini Tablets

The iPAD Mini has been reason for a lot of online chatter due to its heavy $329 price tag. It is literally priced $100 above rival Mini tablets such as Google’s Nexus and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD. When Apple was confronted on this, they justified saying that the iPAD Mini was superior to its rivals in quality.

Let us analyze if this statement stands to be true in reality…

According to a comprehensive test conducted by Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate, the iPad Mini’s display is outperformed by both the Nexus and Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

Many parameters were considered while carrying out the test such as resolution and sharpness, color gamut, and screen reflectance. Further, many viewing tests including the comparing of the tablet’s measurements against a calibrated professional studio monitor were conducted.

Soniera describes the iPAD mini as “certainly a very capable small Tablet”; however, he observes that in display, the device is found lagging.

In terms of resolution he observes, “The $199 Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7 both have considerably sharper displays with 216 Pixels Per Inch, and they both delivered considerably sharper text.”

As far as color gamut is concerned, the iPAD Mini possesses an out-of-date 62 percent Color Gamut that is very small. The Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7 both sport a comparatively larger 86 percent color gamut.

Soneira concludes that displays in Amazon’s and Google’s mini tablets surpass the iPad mini in the majority of their Lab tests. This, he explains, is due to a number of constraints within the product line of the iPAd. Some constraints are reasonable due to the cost factor; however, the majority of constraints were due to poor choices and compromises.

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