Apple introduces OS X Mavericks – An Overview

Jun 11, 13 Apple introduces OS X Mavericks – An Overview

Apple on Monday debuted OS X Mavericks, the next in line iteration of its desktop software at the WWDC event (24th annual developers conference in San Francisco).

The new operating system for the Mac is called Mavericks.

The new OS is loaded with lots of new features and resembles the Apple’s look and feel. Notably it now supports finder tabs.

CEO Tim Cook said, “The MacBook has continued to define the future of the notebook. It’s the number one notebook in the US, ” he went on to say “The annual average growth rate for Mac is 15% versus 3% for PCs.”

Multiple display users would benefit from OS X Mavericks as it is capable of catering a new experience. It’s space supports full-screen applications by which critical elements such as the Dock and Menu bar are accessible on two or more connected screens.

Safari according to Apple gains a performance boost by using less memory against the Google Chrome and Firefox.

The sidebar is easier to navigate and Reading List offers continuous scrolling.

Following the foot steps of iOS, OS X handles power consumption with a new feature called “App Nap”. As and when an user returns to the app, OS X ramps the power back up as needed.

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