Amazon Kindle Fire HD – Specs and Analysis

Oct 13, 12 Amazon Kindle Fire HD – Specs and Analysis

The most advanced and powerful tablet is here – the all new Kindle Fire HD!

Since the launch of Amazon Kindle Fire in 2011, it has been creating ripples in the digital e-reader market and witnessing rocking sales. Amazon has been quick to comeback with yet another sensation called the Kindle Fire HD. Some of the notable features in this version are the 7 inch HD display, custom Dolby audio, stereo speakers, dual band Wi-Fi and dual antenna. There can be no doubt that Kindle Fire HD is all set to make a mark in the history of digital e-reading. For those who still want to stick to the traditional printed reading Kindle Fire HD is geared up to kindle their interests too!

A closer look on the physical design would suggest the attempts being made to deliver a niche finish by the maker. Unlike earlier version and its contemporaries, the device is slightly thinner, broader and lengthy in size. This is quite comfortable in the hands even during a long reading session. The back of the tablet is fairly plain and smooth with a tablet-wide black strip, something that distinguishes Fire HD from its predecessors.

Grilling down to the new aspects of the latest Kindle Fire HD; we see the focus was mainly on redesigning the software interface. The carousel has been retained and modified to support smoother and faster scrolls. The Applications addition to favorites or removal is found at the bottom of the page. X-ray for books and X-ray for movies are some of the useful new features that users will get to benefit.

Higher resolution and contrast in 7 inch, 1280 * 800 ensures shaper images and text on this device. On the inside the Amazon Kindle Fire HD is loaded with 1.2GHZ dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM and 16 GB or 32 GB storage capacity. Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Blue-tooth and light sensor are some of the latest set of specs. Kindle Fire HD will offer eleven hours of battery life. The 1.3MP front camera is equipped to perform video chats on Skype. Furthermore, if you are a music lover, just go ahead and enjoy the improved dual stereo speakers with Dolby Digital Plus.

Internet connectivity will never be a matter of concern on the Kindle Fire HD, which is available in two dual-bands 2.4 and 5 GHz WI-Fi antennas. Internet connectivity will be stable, accurate and faster. For anybody who is willing to buy an e-reader, the Kindle Fire HD does it all!

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