Amazon Expanding Appstore To 200 Countries

Apr 18, 13 Amazon Expanding Appstore To 200 Countries

The e-commerce giant had made a brilliant move that should increase its appeal globally. For all good reasons – Amazon is now expanding its Appstore across 200 countries that includes India as well.

Going global for Amazon would simply mean reaching out to a wider scale!

The Amazon Appstore was first launched in the USA in 2011 and first overseas expansion included UK with four other European destinations that happened by middle of 2012.

Now Amazon is aggressively moving ahead to 200 countries that include Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, India, South Africa and South Korea. These expected to drive lot of customers for Amazon Android apps.

Heavily-customised Android apps offered by Amazon as a matter of fact is one key reason to why people prefer Amazon appstore over Google appstore. Currently, Amazon app store has more than 50,000 apps and is expected to go from few to more in the coming days.

Kindle fire and Kindle Fire HD are already selling like hot cupcakes – going multiple destinations will give Amazon the needed sales boost as well.

Android device owners with the help of an Amazon account can pay online and download the app from app store.

The Amazon appstore store is expected to include features found on Amazon’s retail site, namely1-Click payments, customer reviews and personalised recommendations.

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