A Brief Overview of Apple iPhone 5 – Best Features

Oct 22, 12 A Brief Overview of Apple iPhone 5 – Best Features

Over the years Apple has developed a reputation for itself by delivering some of the most-craved after digital products to its end-users. Whenever there have been speculations about new launches, it has made millions run in to check out of curiosity. In the case of the Apple iPhone 5 the hype kicked-off with the launch of iPhone 4S and agreeably iPhone 5 remains the most anticipated phone of the century to till date!

The iPhone 5 design is pretty unique and is slimmer, light-weight (112 gm) and is introduced with a 4 inch screen (diagonal). Evidence shows the prominent changes have come in favour of user demands and is differentiated and improvised from its series. One of the visible changes on the device is the headphone socket repositioned at the bottom of the screen. Well, this could have been deliberately required with the size reduction implemented in the various components.

It has the most powerful 1.3 GHz dual-core A6 processor; GPU, 4G LTE and free turn by turn navigation are some of the remarkable new add-ons. The iPhone 5 sports longer battery life and improved camera of 8.0MP, which equips it to compete better with the ultra thin and big-screen phones available in the market.

The large screen hasn’t required any resizing to the icons or to the apps, but it accommodates few extra apps that fit-in on the home screen. Since there is no width wise improvement, this is quite a stress while going through documents or typing. However, the text appears a bit bigger and spread out on the landscape mode which is something users should get used too. Comparing the iPhone 5 sound with the 4S you will recognize that iPhone 5 is undeniably magnificent. The iPhone 5 uses the iOS 6.0 operating system that allows sharing of its Internet connections over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB.

Most of us have witnessed the journey of Apple iPhone from its first make and every time it has been focused on exceeding customer expectations. In the similar way, iPhone 5 is a significantly improved version than its predecessor. As for gadget lovers who would like to show-off the latest smartphone iPhone5 convinces to be ahead of the curve.

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